With an impressive array of state-of-the-art machinery, Nationwide Workwear boast a unique capability to provide a range of techniques to apply your logo to a garment of your choice. 


Embroidered garments serve a multitude of purposes, most notably providing employers with a means to establish a cohesive identity for their workforce and promote their brand effectively.

In this method, when incorporating a logo onto your garment through embroidery, a frame is positioned onto the garment, and backing fabric is applied to the logo area to ensure stability during stitching. The actual embroidery work is conducted by computerised embroidery machines. Your logo is digitised and transmitted to the embroidery machines, with the process commencing once additional instructions, such as thread colour preferences, are provided. We exclusively utilise top-quality threads and embroidery machines to ensure the finest results.

Embroidery is particularly well-suited for polo shirts, business shirts/blouses, aprons/tabards, jackets, and headwear.


Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a method where ink is applied directly onto the garment, as the name suggests. To achieve the highest quality results, specialised printers and ink are used, ensuring the ink is absorbed by the garment’s fibres. Additionally, a fixing agent is applied to the garments prior to production to enhance colour adhesion. Consequently, garments may require washing before wearing to eliminate any residual odour from the fixing agent. DTG printing is ideal for intricate logos and designs with multiple colours, often used for one-off projects requiring quick turnaround times.

This printing method is particularly effective for t-shirts and hoodies.


Direct to Film Printing (DTF) offers a modern and efficient method for transferring intricate designs onto garments. This technique involves printing the design directly onto a special film, which is then applied to the fabric using heat and pressure. DTF printing is particularly suitable for designs with complex details and vibrant colours, as it ensures clarity and intensity in the final print.

This process provides a durable and long-lasting result, making it suitable for various garment types, including t-shirts and hoodies. Whether you’re looking to add logos, graphics, or detailed patterns to your clothing, DTF printing offers a reliable solution with high-quality outcomes.


If your logo boasts bright and vibrant colours, screen printing might be the perfect option to vividly showcase those hues. This method is recommended for bulk orders with identical designs. Screen printing utilises multi-coloured inks to replicate your logo, which are then transferred onto the garment through mesh screens. Upon receiving your logo, it’s segmented into various colours for each screen.

Following each screen application, the garment is exposed to a heat lamp. Once all colour screens have been applied, the garment undergoes a drying process to secure the ink and prevent wear or fading. Screen printing is suitable for a variety of garments, from t-shirts to hoodies, and particularly excels with large back designs across multiple garments featuring the same logo.

This method is ideal for larger orders.


Every stitch tells a story and we’ve got you covered! With an array of embellishment solutions – Embroidery, Print, Transfer and Screen Printing, we’ve got the perfect stitch for every job.

Backed by a diverse product range featuring 3,850 products spanning 80 trusted brands. Enjoy the convenience of concept to production all under roof from our UK production facility. 


To maintain our stringent quality standards, we refrain from offering embroidery services on garments with a weight below 175gsm. This is because thinner materials lack the necessary density to support embroidery, leading to puckering and compromising the polished appearance of the logo that we strive for.

Similarly, we do not provide Direct to Garment (DTG) printing on 100% Polyester garments due to the fabric’s inability to hold the print effectively. In such cases, Direct to Film (DTF) or screen printing can be considered as an alternative method, though our screen printing service is exclusively available for larger quantity orders of 100 garments and above.


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