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Nationwide Workwear, a proud trading division of The Mina Group Limited, prides itself on its expertise in the embellishment and customisation of workwear, corporate attire, and team uniforms. Our comprehensive range of services includes embroidery, garment printing, artwork creation, garment design, and managed contract services.

Core Principles

At Nationwide Workwear, we are committed to a “get-it-right-first-time” approach, ensuring that we meet our clients’ expectations with precision and reliability. Our organisational culture emphasises teamwork, integrity, and mutual accountability, with every employee playing a vital role in delivering unmatched quality products and services to our clients.

Compliance and Standards

We uphold a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) aligned with the ISO 9001 standard, alongside sector-specific legislation and regulations. Our commitment extends to meeting all legal, regulatory, and statutory obligations relevant to our business operations.

Employee Responsibility and Engagement

Every employee at Nationwide Workwear is responsible for upholding our quality policy and adhering to ISO 9001-aligned QMS protocols. We encourage active participation in improving our business processes and create an inclusive work environment that values each employee’s contribution and fosters their professional growth.

Objectives and Targets

Our quality assurance strategy includes:

  • Regular setting and reviewing of Quality and Business Objectives based on stakeholder needs, market dynamics, risk mitigation strategies, and key performance indicators.
  • A steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements and legislative mandates.
  • Continual refinement of our Management System to adapt to evolving client needs and industry standards.

Continual Improvement

As an organisation dedicated to excellence, we establish measurable quality objectives that are meticulously planned, reviewed, and updated. These objectives drive a cycle of continual improvement in our quality performance. Additionally, we remain vigilant in adhering to specific legal requirements related to our products or services.

Policy Review

Our Quality Assurance Policy undergoes periodic reviews to ensure its sustained relevance and effectiveness in aligning with our strategic goals.

BSIF Quality Policy Statement

Nationwide Workwear is committed to supplying safety equipment and related services that fully comply with standards and regulations. We maintain up-to-date technical files and documentation to ensure regulatory compliance. When sourcing products externally, we verify the validity of compliance documentation. For services related to safety equipment, we maintain manufacturer approval to ensure compliance.

Jake Adams
Managing Director
January, 2024

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